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Tuesday, January, 22 2013

NCC Media puts spotlight on cable’s web portals

By: Stewart Schley Tuesday, January, 22 2013

NCC Media is putting more marketing emphasis on an emerging star of the local cable advertising stage:  the online customer portals maintained by its cable company partners.

A new online media kit out today provides more detail than we’ve seen in the past about the metrics associated with the websites cable companies maintain to offer customer care applications, local news, email logins and other traffic-attracting features. According to NCC:

  • 60 million people use cable portals (or “gateways,” as NCC calls them) as their browser home pages, producing 5 billion page views monthly. As NCC points out, “In total that is more page views than” Locally, the cable gateways also stand out: In Boston, for example, comScore data from May 2012 show Comcast’s portal attracted 1.26 million unique visitors, more than The Boston Globe’s (1.1 million) or CBS Boston’s 317,000.

  • Cable gateways are ranked No. 1 for local page views in 25 of the top 30 U.S. DMAs

  • Localized content and geographically targeted footprints mean advertisements placed on the cable gateway sites “stay in your intended market.” That’s a dig at rival news and information sites maintained by local broadcasters and newspapers. NCC says ads means to reach users within specific ZIP codes on these sites often generate most of their views from outside the intended geographies.

Cable companies and their rep firms are putting more emphasis on local ad placement across customer portals as interest in online advertising rises. There’s not much available data around the success rates, but in a 2011 Cable Show panel session, Comcast Spotlight Charlie Thurston said ad revenues from Comcast’s customer web portal exceeded $65 million.

Here are cable portal use statistics from selected markets as reported by NCC:


Portal potential: there’s big business in cable’s customer websites (ZoneWire, July 7, 2011)

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