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Friday, November, 30 2012

For Visible World, a multi-market ad campaign breaks new ground

By: Stewart Schley Friday, November, 30 2012

Visible World has grown up in the cable advertising world by helping local cable ad sales groups manage copy variations for TV ad campaigns running in their markets. Now, a new partnership with a cooperative ad-buying specialist suggests the platform is ready for the national scene, too.

The 20-market TV advertising campaign announced this week is the first to use Visible World’s AdTag and AdCopy customization services across multiple markets and hundreds of geographic ad zones managed by a variety of cable providers.

The campaign runs through the end of the year on behalf of Michigan-based Main Media , a specialist in managing cooperative ad campaigns that unite regional or national advertisers (and their ad budgets) with local agents and retailers. The Main Media campaign features spots for an insurance company that are customized with contact information for local agents who work particular ZIP codes and neighborhoods.

Visible World already works with most large U.S. cable companies to apply similar zone-specific customization to commercials from local advertisers. It also traffics zoned spots from cable programming networks like Style Network and AMC that want viewers to know what channel numbers are assigned to their networks in various locales. Now, those same techniques are being used across multiple markets in a single campaign sold by NCC Media, the industry-owned spot rep firm.

How it works : A video post-production facility created multiple variations of the TV spots that Visible World stores on a server and distributes to cable affiliates. Visible World applies traffic instructions that designate which spots correspond with particular zones, identifying the files with unique ISCII codes. Visible World’s Gateway server is integrated with traffic workflows from affiliates, so the spots are identified and inserted just as any local commercial would be.

We talked yesterday with Visible World’s Director of Operations Chris Stellato, who said the AdTag and AdCopy capabilities are especially well suited for cooperative advertising. “The benefit for co-op advertising is the ability to split the copy,” Stellato said. “Otherwise, if agent John Smith works only in a small geographic area, you can’t really target the ad for him.”

Supplying pre-produced commercial variations, as Main Media did, is one way to handle the task of customizing spots to play out across lots of zone. But clients can also assign Visible World to manage ad copy and tag variations to a master template commercial, or they can use Visible World’s web-based tool to manage customization chores.

Either way, Visible World thinks ad customization may become more common across multiple markets as larger advertisers look to combine granular copy variations with the scope of a national campaign. In a press release , Main Media President Charlie Maines said the ability to buy multiple markets up front saved time and money while delivering the client a lower cost-per-rating point than the company could have achieved “buying zone by zone.”

“It’s a more efficient way of doing things,” added Visible World Marketing Manager Rebecca Rozakis. “We’d like to do more of this in the future.”


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