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Sunday, November, 11 2012

Doug McCormick: TV has advanced metrics…why not use them?

By: Stewart Schley Sunday, November, 11 2012

From this published by Gigaom, Rho Ventures Principal and former Lifetime Television CEO (not to mention a pretty notable songwriter in the day) Doug McCormick defends television's marketing prowess while critiquing the medium for falling behind in advanced measurement practices. Excerpt: "Broadcast and cable TV combined lead all advertising categories, with revenues hitting $70 billion this election year, while total market for mobile video and display advertising won’t even hit $7 billion until around 2015. This is a testament not only to traditional TV’s reach, but also to its track record in stimulating sales. Marketers know that there’s simply no substitute yet for the impact of a good TV spot and its ability to convince customers to buy their products."

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