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Sunday, May, 5 2013

Agencies get hooked to cable spot delivery

By: Stewart Schley Sunday, May, 5 2013

Another piece of cable’s targeted advertising future is dropping into place thanks to an alliance between cable’s biggest local commercial delivery agent and the software company that powers a big share of the world’s advertising agencies.

Today's announcement at the ANA’s annual Advertising Financial Management Conference in Phoenix involves the Comcast-owned TV spot distribution service AdDelivery and Mediaocean , the agency software provider that resulted from the 2011 merger of Donovan Data Systems and Mediabank LLC.

The agreement basically puts Comcast’s AdDelivery inside the ad agency tent by setting up links between Mediaocean’s ad-booking platform (called Spectra) and AdDelivery’s high-bandwidth network for whisking digital TV commercials to their intended destinations. That means agency buyers can stop using separate systems and manual processes to get from Point A – ordering up an ad schedule – to Point B – getting digital commercial files sent to the proper cable systems and other media outlets. The companies are calling the new integration Mediaocean Optica.

It sounds like a handy fix for improving efficiency in today’s cable ad environment, where AdDelivery handles lots of spot traffic for Comcast’s systems and those of other cable companies. But it’s probably more important going forward for accommodating what’s likely to be a tremendous surge in data needs tied to the targeted advertising movement. As cable companies start to inject commercials into more VOD sessions plus video streams aimed at tablets and other devices, the number of “insertions” agencies must track and validate for billing purposes is going to multiply dramatically.

Taking away some of the manual work around shuffling spots to the right network servers and insertion points will help – something Comcast AdDelivery alludes to in its announcement: “Ultimately, it will promote the holistic management across agency units, laying a critical framework for targeted, optimized TV advertising,” the release says.

The deal raises the profile of Comcast’s AdDelivery unit, which started out life as a mechanism for unifying the way cable networks provided cross-promotional TV ads to Comcast and other cable affiliates. Based in Denver, the group has grown to become a serious player in the world of video ad delivery, competing with companies including Texas-based DG .


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