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Wednesday, June, 5 2013

Comcast spotlights multi-screen ad campaigns

By: Stewart Schley Wednesday, June, 5 2013

With online ad spending rising faster than television budgets in local media markets, the cable industry is putting more emphasis than ever on its ability to aggregate significant online audiences that are aligned with localized geographies. The latest example of the multi-screen mentality comes from Comcast’s advertising sales group, which has organized a contest to recognize the clients that do multi-screen advertising best.

Through Aug. 31, clients of Comcast Spotlight can enter their multi-screen marketing campaigns for a national contest that will award selected winners a trip to New York City early next year – and a chance to meet CNBC program host and finance advisor Suze Orman.

The contest is designed to elevate Comcast Spotlight’s profile in the multi-screen marketing ecosystem at a time when a parade of local online media outlets and traditional media players alike are competing for local online advertising budgets.

It’s a category where cable’s doing fairly well already, with billings expected to top $1 billion this year , according to local media researcher Borrell Associates. But cable owns only about 1.4% of the market, and “pure play” newcomers like CityGrid, ReachLocal, Yodle and others are rising alongside Google to capture the majority of local online ad spending.

To gain share, cable advertising companies aim to convince local advertisers that the combination of commercial exposure through traditional cable channels, coupled with online advertising on sites like Comcast’s portal, can have a virtuous effect on reach and frequency alike. The ability to align the boundaries in which these online ads appear to match local TV advertising zones is seen as an added plus.

“Hardly a day goes by that you don’t see another story about how consumers are using more devices—or screens—simultaneously,” said Kellie Grutko, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Comcast Spotlight in a press release. “We’ve seen a steadily growing number of local and regional businesses leading the way in placing their message on those screens. As the experts in local media, we think creating a recognition program for those businesses is a great way to celebrate their success and ingenuity.”

Comcast said its multiscreen advertising contest will invite advertisers from 80 U.S. markets to submit campaign examples that will be judged on media innovation, creativity and results. The contest is called the Local Advertiser Multi-screen Performance Awards, or LAMP Awards.

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