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Tuesday, February, 5 2013

Canoe seeks a research blessing for VOD ads

By: Stewart Schley Tuesday, February, 5 2013

Since the 1960s, the NY-based Media Ratings Council has evaluated the worth of audience research approaches designed to divine who sees and hears what in the electronic media age. Now, the industry-funded group is about to get its first exposure to cable-delivered VOD advertising measurement.

The cable industry advanced advertising development firm Canoe Ventures Inc. has submitted a reporting service for VOD Dynamic Advertising Insertion (DAI) to the MRC as part of the research group’s accreditation process. If all goes well, the reporting service will end up being blessed as a valid and accepted way to track how many people see national TV commercials placed within the on-demand video streams that cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable deliver. Specifically, the Canoe service provides “ad impression delivery reports to its National Programming clients who utilize the Canoe VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion service,” according to a Canoe press release.

Canoe said yesterday it has entered into a pre-audit phase of the MRC’s accreditation work. The next step is for the MRC to engage a certified public accounting firm to dig into the DAI service. After that, an MRC audit committee will review the findings and make a recommendation on whether to accredit the Canoe service. The idea is to determine whether the Canoe service complies with overarching measurement guidelines that undergird the ad-supported TV business at large.

One significant angle is that Canoe’s DAI reporting service gets its raw viewership data directly from video servers maintained by cable operators, affirmed Canoe’s Chris Pizzuro, who heads sales and marketing. It’s part of a rising movement to go beyond panel-based estimates and instead capture granular viewing data directly from the machinery of the digital video age.

George Ivie, MRC’s Executive Director and CEO, said the accreditation effort “ultimately will help marketers have confidence in the role that VOD DAI can play as part of their media mix.”

Moving on...

Incidentally, some former Canoe executives are now showing up in new job posts after a 2012 purge tied to a significant down-sizing of Canoe’s ambitions. Former Chief Marketing Officer Vicki Lins, earlier a Comcast Spotlight marketing executive, joined Clear Channel Outdoor as CMO for the billboard-advertising provider. Her former Canoe colleague, David Grabert, joins her as VP/Marketing and Communications for Clear Channel Outdoor. He was Canoe’s top communication and press officer. Also moving on is Jonathan Bokor, an ex-Walt Disney Interactive specialist and Canoe’s former GM of Interactive TV. He joined MediaVest as Senior VP and Director of Advanced Media. And last October, former Canoe Chief Technology Officer Arthur Orduna joined ADT Corp. as Chief Innovation Officer.


In wake of Canoe’s woes, RFI lives on (ZoneWire, Feb. 27, 2012)

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