Serious buzz about multichannel video advertising

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It’s alive! Dynamic VOD ads are up, running…and not all that scary

By: Stewart Schley Monday, February, 11 2013
Fearnet and its national advertising rep, Los Angeles-based Sony Pictures Television, are first out of the gate in selling dynamic advertising positions in viewer-requested video streams that run over cable and telco-video systems.
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Dynamic VOD may add to cable’s local inventory stockpile

By: Stewart Schley Thursday, January, 31 2013
As long as we’ve been covering the cable advertising business, we’ve heard local cable advertising executives clamor for an essential growth ingredient: more ad inventory from cable networks. Now, thanks to some new wrinkles in video distribution, they may be getting it.
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For 3DTV, local commercials are slow to arrive on the scene

By: Stewart Schley Sunday, January, 27 2013
For Comcast customers, there’s more TV to watch in 3D starting this week. But don’t expect to see local commercials televised in the video format anytime soon.