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Nielsen brings Internet video homes into scope

By: Stewart Schley Thursday, February, 21 2013

FEB. 21: Nielsen’s decision this week to redefine what constitutes a “television household” has symbolic importance, but won’t make an immediate impact on ratings for shows and networks, according to this Multichannel News analysis . Nielsen says its new definition encompasses households that access television through the Internet using connected TV sets and game consoles. The new definition recognizes the changing TV landscape by adding so called “over-the-top” video households to the traditional categories of cable/satellite and over-the-air TV homes.

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Comcast bars gun ads from cable systems

By: Stewart Schley Tuesday, February, 19 2013

FEB. 19: Comcast said it will no longer accept or televise local commercials depicting guns, a policy that aligns the largest U.S. cable company with Time Warner Cable and Comcast's NBCUniversal division. In a statement, Comcast said that "consistent with longstanding NBC policies, Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward. This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations." Like Time Warner Cable, which announced a similar policy in January, Comcast is encountering some complaints from firearms dealers that had previously advertised, including a Michigan gun dealer cited in this story from ABC-12 of Flint, Mich.

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Comcast ad sales revenue rose 19% in Q4

By: Stewart Schley Tuesday, February, 12 2013

FEB. 12: Comcast's revenue from cable advertising sales shot up 19.4% in Q4, thanks mostly to an injection of political dollars, according to the company's earnings report today. Total ad revenues for the Oct.-Dec. period were $652 million (versus $546 million in Q4 2011). The year-end gains lifted total year advertising revenue to $2.28 billion, up 14.1%. For the full year, advertising contributed 5.7% of Comcast's total revenue from cable operations. Together, the top two U.S. cable companies (Comcast and Time Warner Cable) generated $3 billion-plus in 2012 advertising revenue.

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Sinclair sees local TV ad revenue up 3-5% in Q1

By: Stewart Schley Wednesday, February, 6 2013

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s TV stations capped 2012 by recording a 58% increase in Q4 revenue , to $287 million, with political revenue making up $54.1 million of the October-to-December total. Looking more closely, however, the story isn’t quite as rosy. On a same-station basis, excluding political revenues, local net broadcast revenues were down 2.0% due primarily to increased demand from political advertising, while national net broadcast revenues were up 1.5% from Q4 2011. Sinclair, which acquired 30 TV stations in December, said advertising categories reporting the largest Q4 spending increases were automotive, up 6.4%, and direct response. Decliners were services, schools, pharmaceuticals, and restaurants. For Q1 2013, Sinclair sees same station net broadcast revenues up 3.4% to 5% from a year ago.

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Freewheel to help DirecTV place ads across devices

By: Stewart Schley Friday, February, 1 2013

DirecTV has access to the same advertising inventory cable TV networks provide to their wired affiliates: generally 2-3 minutes per hour of time to sell. Now, it's engaging a digital media advertising placement specialist to help make sure the ads show up on devices beyond the TV set. DirecTV with Freewheel that will enable advertisers to "reach customers through the big screen and on mobile devices to create a sustainable advertising model on digital platforms." Cable companies are working on similar advertising delivery ambitions as viewing on tablets, game consoles and other devices increases.

Time Warner Cable ended 2012 with an ad-sales boom

By: Stewart Schley Thursday, January, 31 2013

Time Warner Cable's local advertising revenue shot up 29% in Q4 as a red-hot political ad category injected big dollars across swing-state markets of Ohio and North Carolina, among others. Advertising revenue for the final quarter reached $313 million, enough to propel total-year ad revenue past the $1 billion mark (specifically, $1.05 billion) for the first time. The acquisition of Insight Communciations Inc. properties accounted for roughly $14 million of the Q4 ad revenue total. Backing out the Insight markets, TWC's Media Sales group produced organic ad sales growth of 23.6%. Here's the earnings .pdf .

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