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Rentrak to help political ad firm with set top data

JULY 12: All that glowing press about the Obama campaign's adroit use of ad-targeting data from cable set-top boxes was bound to inspire the opposition camp to join the movement, and now one has. Research company Rentrak announced it will supply data from its TV Essentials audience measurement service, which employs set-top viewing indicators, for the Republican political advertising agency National Media. "During 2011 and 2012, we had good success using Rentrak to plan network ad buys for clients like the RNC, the U. S. Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform and others," said Will Feltus, SVP for research and planning at National Media in a prepared statement . "During the next cycle, we'll be expanding our use of Rentrak data to local market spot buys of broadcast and cable television."

For local TV, political category remains huge

JULY 8: Although 2013 is an off year for most political campaigns, TV stations -- and by extension local cable ad sales groups -- should reap enormous dividends in 2014 and 2016 as campaigns lavish huge sums on TV advertising, writes Brian Stelter in today's New York Times. "Despite an array of digital alternatives and a rapidly transforming television business, 30-second commercials remain one of the most valuable tools of campaigns and political action committees," the article says. Among tidbits: BIA/Kelsey analyst Mark Fratrik says TV stations in Ohio enjoyed a 38% increase in ad sales last year thanks largely to an infusion of campaign cash.

Addressable ads to produce $60 mil. for DirecTV

JULY 2: Catching up on our weekly reading (hey, vacations happen) we found this timely article by Reuters (from Huffington Post ) on the state of addressable/targeted TV advertising across cable and satellite platforms. One metric we haven't seen before is the fact that DirecTV began delivering household-targeted commercials on behalf of 40 national advertisers earlier this year, and could generate $60 million from its addressable ad platform in total this year. Real business, emerging from a notion we've long talked about and only now are beginning to see.

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Monday, July, 8 2013

Where’s cable going with VOD inventory?

By: Stewart Schley Monday, July, 8 2013

Fast-forward the calendar three years from now and you’ll see cable/telco companies firmly entrenched in a data-rich video advertising marketplace where the inventory pool has widened dramatically thanks to new on-demand ad availabilities in prime time TV shows ordered up nightly by viewers.

The question is: In this new world, what do local cable advertising organizations do with the new inventory at their command?

The answer: Umm, stay tuned. Actually, nobody for the moment seems exactly sure how they’ll exploit the new advertising features of a video on demand world where it becomes relatively easy to dynamically insert commercials into available pre-, mid- and post-roll positions within VOD programs. What they do know is that it will almost certainly involve a mix of current local advertisers and new-to-the-market clients.

That much was apparent at a Cable Show 2013 panel session where cable industry ad executives talked about the role of dynamic VOD advertising.

Cox Media SVP Billy Farina was among the panelists talking about how his company will integrate DAI inventory into its selling environment. Although Farina’s optimistic about the overall possibilities of local dynamic ad insertion (or DAI) into VOD streams, he says there are no rigid rules being formulated for how Cox Media blends the new medium into its existing ad sales portfolio, which is heavy on traditional linear TV advertising but also includes web and mobile media products. And he’s also sensitive about how a new inventory pool might upset the supply-and-demand balance.

Already, Farina pointed out, Cox Media has a certain amount of live inventory that’s sold at a deep discount, sometimes by third-party agents such as AT&T AdWorks , which represents Cox Media and other television advertising providers to outside-the-market clients. “And now we’re going to increase…

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