Serious buzz about multichannel video advertising

ZoneWire: All about advanced television advertising

About ZoneWire

EBIF triggers. Dynamic insertion. Return paths. Pre-rolls. And that’s just for starters.

Understanding the new language of advanced television advertising is a requisite for participating in a rapidly emerging media sector that could produce up to $4 billion in new revenue by 2014, according to analyst estimates.

So let’s get with it.

ZoneWire , from Stewart Schley Content Services , is all about fostering dialogue, offering education and sharing news about traditional and advanced advertising over cable and other multichannel video delivery systems.

Our hope is that ZoneWire plays some small role in supporting a new, better way to engage audiences through television advertising. By better aligning commercial messages with audience tastes, interests and places, participants in the cable advertising space are (finally) making significant progress in turning TV advertising from an intrusive gambit to a welcome presence in people's lives. Here's to that.

About this Schley guy...

Stewart Schley has written extensively about the media and telecommunications business for longer than he would care to recite, for a range of leading business publications and market research/analysis firms. He does double-duty as a Contributing Analyst for One Touch Intelligence , a provider of expert perspectives on the competitive media and communications marketplace.

More to the point, Stewart has covered the local cable advertising business since 1989 (!). He was Editor and Publisher of Cable Avails , a monthly magazine for the local cable advertising business published by Cowles Business Media, and was the founder and Publisher of CSP: Cable Sales Professional magazine, published by Lundwall Communications. He also wrote the Local Cable Advertising Sales newsletter, published by Multichannel News , from 2005-2007. So them's the credentials.